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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 19, 2013 11:00am-1:00pm PST

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a smart phone. >> reporter: the app is this one called eight millimeter. what instagrams does for photos, this application does for videos, turns everything retro. check this out. this is me being shot with normal video and this is me being shot with the eight millimeter application. the death tore showed us frame by frame where he used the app. one example, this aerial sequence. >> this is actually out of a flight window. it looks like real film. you can't tell the difference. >> reporter: he told us he also used the app to shoot video off a computer screen. his purpose was to get that '70s feel, the time when rodriguez, his subject, was actively making music. >> i filmed this with regular film, and i shot the computer screen, like that, so i got the super eight feeling. >> reporter: tracking down the
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creator of the app proved a challenge. we eventually located him in northeastern china where he was visiting. by skype he shared his reaction to finding out his app was used in an oscar nominated film. >> it's crazy. we are pretty thrilled. >> reporter: hearing about his app's connection to the film inspired him to watch "searching for sugar man." >> what did you think? >> it's quite a touching film. >> reporter: hong is a fan of the movie by beng lou is a fan of the app. nischelle turner, cnn, hollywood. >> pretty cool stuff. cnn continues with my friend christi paul. -- captions by vitac -- i want to first get you to southern california where at least three people and a gunman are dead after a chaotic
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shooting spree that spanned an entire county here. police blocked off this intersection near maple highway. they say they were called to at least three different shootings and car jack kings at different locations across southern california. we're learning this shooting spree came to an end when the gunman turned the gun on himself after killing at least three people. >> the suspect was driving a vehicle he had taken in the tustan incident. reports are he got out of the vehicle, confronted our victim who was in his bmw. i don't know anything further on his vehicle. he orders him out of the vehicle, walks him to the side of the curb and executes our victim. he gets in the victim's vehicle and drives to the micro center where that incident occurred. >> they identified the vehicle. when they stopped it, the suspect got out and shot himself.
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>> police say they do not have a motive in the shootings yet. we'll have more on the crime spree as it develops for you. new developments in the shocking vol tin's day murder case. we have oscar pistorius's graphic account now. this is riva steenkamp. she's being cremated today. her family broke down at her funeral. >> we're a family. there's only one thing missing, it's riva. i don't think i ever will get over it. with the lord's prayers and what she stood for, abuse against women. >> while her family and the prosecution say this was a premeditated murder. the olympian known the world over as blade runner says he shot and killed her by mistake.
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i want to read you his account detailed in a court document. he says, quote, during the early morning hours i heard a noise and realized that someone was in the bathroom. it fills me with horror and feel of an intruder or intruders being inside the toilet. i thought he or they must have entered through the unprotected window. as i said not have my prosthetic legs on and felt extremely vulnerable, i knew i had to protect reeva and myself. i fired shots at the door and shouted for her to phone police. when i reached the bed, i realized she was not in bed. that's when it dawned on me that it could have been reeva in the toilet. i grabbed the cricket bat to bash in the door, a panel or panels bloek off, i found the key on the floor. she was slumped over but alive. i picked reeva up to take her to hospital.
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reeva died in my arms, unquote. pistorius sobbed softly as his lawyer read these words today. robin, how did the court respond to this affidavit? >> reporter: today was the day we heard oscar pistorius's side of the story, compelling evidence where he paints a picture of a tragedy, an unforeseen event that saw him shoot his girlfriend dead by accident. now, more is going to be heard in this magistrate's court tomorrow as this bail application continues. crucially the state seems very confident that this wasn't the case, that this was premeditated murder. in fact, they were so confident that they managed to win over the magistrate who said he couldn't rule out that this was premeditated. the state arguing that oscar pistorius put on his prosthetic leg, got his nine millimeter gun
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and walked seven meters to the bathroom and shot through the toilet door where riva steenkamp was. he said it was a tragic mistake. these two stories colliding in pretoria and the ramification also be felt across the country as this case is watched with interest. every detail digested as south africans wait to hear more in the story of their golden boy who appears to have fallen so dramatically. robyn kurnow, cnn, pretoria, south africa. >> before pistorius was charged with the murder of his girlfriend, he did talk to piers morgan. we want you to tune in to see the interview and hear the latest on the case. that's on cnn at 9:00 eastern. have you heard about this russian boy adopted by a texas family who is dead now? his adoptive parents have not been arrested. a russian diplomat blames them saying they abused 3-year-old max. this is a picture of him from
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his obituary. the human rights representative from the russian foreign ministry described the abuse he contends max suffered. >> translator: upon examination of the body of the young boy, multiple injuries to his legs and head were noted. during the autopsy, serious injuries were noted to his abdomen and internal organs, typical of injuries that are produced by strong blows. >> now, the governor of the russian province where max is from is trying to remove the boy's brother. he's still in the care of the couple who live in west texas. cnn isn't naming them, though, since there are no charges against them. they did decline to comment to reporters. we have reached out. the incident is intensifying relations between america and russia. some of the hottest other top stories. let's roll it here. general john allen, the former head of coalition troops in afghanistan is retiring.
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the president accepted his resignation today. allen says he needs to step down to address a family health issue. he was in line to become the nato supreme commander in europe. just last month he was cleared in an e-mail scandal with a woman involved in the david petree yas affair. heavily armed thieves busted into a belgian airport and stole, get this, $50 million worth of diamonds from a plane full of passengers. it sounds like something out of the movies, sflit police in brussels say the team of eight breached the airport's security gate, robbed the plane's cargo hold. it took only three minutes. >> reporter: the perpetrators were dressed in clothes that resembled police uniforms. they broke into the fence, behind the fence there were two construction sites. they made a hole and entered the tarmac and used the same hole
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when they made their es cabe. >> they didn't use guns and no one was hurt. diamonds were headed to switzerland at the time. nestle is recalling products in europe over concerns that they might contain horse meat. the company says traces of horse meat dna in two chilled pasta meals. nestle is suspending deliveries of all products that include beef from a german supplier. unauthorized horse meat has been found in several foods labeled as beef in six countries in europe. fears today a california man accused of rape may have found other victims through a christian dating website. 37-year-old shawn banks is charged with sexually assaulting a woman he met on on the website he went by the name raridy. >> at her residence he began to become more and more aggressive and ultimately led to a charge of raping her.
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>> investigators say banks went by multiple names, in fact, on the website including ryland, ryland butterwood or ryland harbaugh. let's check out the floor of the new york stock exchange. the dow dances around a five-year high now, 14,036. one week ago today, it closed at a five-year high of 14,018. we'll be watching at the end of this show to see if it the close higher. it has a way to go to reach the record closing which is 14,164 points, that was back in october of 2007. the manhunt is over. here is the question now. who gets the $1 million reward in the christopher dorner case. hear what l.a. police are saying about that. plus run, hide fanned all else fails, fight. one city's controversial advice to kids on how to handle a gunman at school.
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he kill all of it part of the vendetta for firing him in 2008. in his manifesto he spoke about going after 50 officers and his families. police say they believe he likely did surveillance of some of the targets' homes. today some of those in hits sights talked about what it was like being under police protection. >> the whole time for us, it was being strong so that we didn't instill more fear into the kids. the xboxes got used, the tv was on other channels. we played board games. i have to say out of every -- everything you can find good. and we did in this case, too. we found it brought our family closer together. >> dorner killed himself after police found him in a cabin in big bear which as you remember caught fire. as for the $1 million reward for
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his capture, lapd says it's complicated. authorities are trying to sort out who gets this money. jodi arias admitting to the gruesome murder of travis. today could be the day that arias tells the jury her version of the killing which she claims was self-defense. just a short time ago her attorney began to lead arias through the ominous weeks beforehand. there was a lot of disagreement between the two, including threatening texts from travis to jodi. take a listen to this. >> when he said it was going to get real bad for you, what is the context of that? was there something behind that threat? >> i imagine there was, but i couldn't imagine what it was. i didn't know what he was capable of. that bothered me.
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it worried me. >> he says i promise you the punishment will be better than the lie. to you understanding what did he mean by that? >> i don't know. >> objection, speculation. >> sustained. >> had he threatened to do something to you outside of this conversation? >> not up to this point he hadn't. >> seems like very saucy lurid stuff here. keep in mind jud jodi arias has given multiple versions, the first one was she wasn't there. and then stabbing him twice and and killing him in self de fence.
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just when you thought mother nature would take a break, parts of the country could see severe weather. a new storm system could be a triple threat, bringing snow,
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blizzard, heavy thunderstorms. severe weather expert. chad myers, seriously? again? >> two networks for you in one day. >> i'm tired of saying the word blizzard and i know people are tired of hearing it. >> we're happy to have you here. >> snow, severe weather, wind, blizzards, ice. maybe quadruple threat. i don't know. here it comes, san francisco, through the scierra, heavy snow. you will see snow on the mountains. you'll be able to see snow on the top for sure. then it runs into the southwest through flagstaff. christi and i were talking about how they love the snow in flagstaff, the snow bowl. i've been down in phoenix playing golf and skiing all host the next day. it's awesome. and in des moines, this area
11:21 am
right here, kansas, parts of colorado, you will pick up an awful lot of snow. it could be feet of snow. here goes the low, dipping down south of albuquerque, making an ice event for parts of arkansas into oklahoma. there's the snow. this is going to be an up-slope event as we push this weather and all this snow up the hill, you can really get front range snow even into denver and into lie man. there could be the wind driving it through there. finally up to snow in chicago, rain for the deep south. ice through cincinnati. that happens mib friday morning. here are the snow totals. everywhere you see the dark purple, that's that little spot right there. that's 20 inches. that's lincoln, beatrice back toward carney and salina, kansas. the wind will blow 50. that's what you have to look
11:22 am
forward to. >> good heavens. the folks in phoenix love you. you pointed out you can golf, drive a couple hours north and ski on the same day if you choose to. >> i've done it. >> thank you, chad, so much. wall street is a buzz with the charter of a merger between office depot and office max, apparently looking to join forces. cnn's alison kosik is on the floor of the new york stock exchange. first we have to ask what would it mean if these two companies do merge? >> reporter: first of all, on the downside it probably means some employees are not going to have their jobs anymore. on the up side it shows that business is being done. it's really why you're seeing the shares of office depot and office max surging. shares of office depot up more than 12%. office max shares up more than 22%. it shows companies are willing to get out there, spend money and take risks. the reason they're doing this is mostly competition.
11:23 am
competition is pushing them together, especially competition from amazon. we saw sales in the office supply market went down during the tough times, during the recession in 2007. sales are slowly coming back up. it may be a good time for these companies to come together. if they do come together, the combined company would make up more than 30% of the office supply market. that's just below what staples has. >> we're also hearing microsoft is moving outlohot mail users t outlook. >> they're saying it's time to upgrade to outlook. you can still use your hot mail e-mail. when you go to the page, it's going to wind up looking very different. the interface will be a different experience. this is part of a continuing effort by microsoft to really recall of the products it offers. it's hitting the redo thing. from windows eight to 65.
11:24 am
you can use the cloud with them. what microsoft is really looking to gain from transitioning users from hot mail to outlook, they want to get those gmail users and steal those losers and lure them away from google. >> alison, so good to see you. thank you. >> sure. cyber attacks against the u.s. an american firm is linking the chinese government to hacking. i'm talk to a man who hacks computers for a living. controversial advice to kids from top law enforcement. what to do if they're confronted by a gunman. there's a training video here. our panel is going to discuss it. stay close. ns, i can talk to someone who knows exactly how i trade. because i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. that's why i'm with scottrade.
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if you currently have abnormal bleeding. xarelto® can cause bleeding, which can be serious, and rarely may lead to death. you are likely to bruise more easily on xarelto®, and it may take longer for bleeding to stop. tell your doctors you are taking xarelto® before any planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto®, tell your doctor about any conditions, such as kidney, liver or bleeding problems. ready to change your routine? ask your doctor about once-a-day xarelto®. for more information including cost support options, call 1-888-xarelto or visit 25 minutes past the hour. good to have you with us today. if it sound like the same old mumbo jumbo, it is. there's a serious catch to this month's crisis in washington.
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what we're looking at is possible loss of 750,000 american jobs by the end of this year if congress doesn't act in the next ten days to undo automatic spending cuts that begin march 1st. funny thing, congress devised these cuts in 2011 as a threat more or less, a way to force itself to agree to a smarter way to reduce the federal deficit. now, ten days left, still no agreement. as i mentioned, job losses are just the start of this thing. we're also talking about vital government services potentially gone. take a listen, if you would, to the president. he was clearly concerned as he spoke late this morning. >> fbi agents will be furloughed. federal prosecutors will have to close cases and let criminals go. air traffic controllers and airport security will see cutbacks which means more delays at airports ak croucross the co. thousands of teachers and et
11:29 am
caters will be laid off. tens of thousands of parents will have to scramble to find child care for their kids. >> the president's answer? he says to prevent those cuts, congress would have to raise some taxes on the wealthy. republicans don't want that. after the tax increase on the top 2% they say they're finished raising taxes on the well-to-do with ten days left here. chinese officials deny waging cyber attacks against the u.s. a new study from a u.s. firm says otherwise. cnn's david mckenzie is? beijing to map out what this study found and how significant it really is. >> reporter: the dramatic allegations are coming from a u.s.-based security firm. they say not tens, but hundreds of chinese hackers have been persistently attacking particularly u.s. companies to steal their secrets. they say they're based mainly in these nondescript buildings near shanghai in china. not only are they trying to
11:30 am
steal company secrets and infiltrate global corporations, but they're doing it in cooperation with the people's liberation army. mandian says the government could be directing these attacks and over years tara bites of data have been stolen from key industries including aerospace, high tech and i.t. the chinese government has strongly come out against the allegations saying they're, quote, irresponsible and baseless. they took the unusual step to point the finger in the other direction saying that the chinese are also victims of hacking. mandian said it took the unusual step of releasing the research so other security companies can protect their clients globally and they could stop the specific hackers by outing them in the public. >> david mckenzie in beijing, thank you so much.
11:31 am
this could have huge implicat n implications with not just corporate crime but also terror suspects using it to gain access to targets. we'll hone in with this with security consultant david kennedy, he's worked for the u.s. government and is known as an ethical hacker. david, thank you for being here. first and foremost, china says it's being hooked. this private report out today says china is hacking american firms. who is the victim and who is do the hacking, do we know? >> it's easy to put the blame game back and there's no repercussions for china to say we're not doing anything. we in the hacking community have known china has been a major threat for naa number of years. starting companies to compete with us for cheaper products has been a known practice for a long period of time. you're seeing these high impact vulnerabilities being attacked and corporations being attacked
11:32 am
in a number of ways through the chinese government. we saw with google, aurora and a number of other companies as well. >> what's interesting is the group who did this study is a u.s. firm, connects the dots with the chinese military being the home base for this cyber attacks. what types of information could be compromised first and foremost? >> think about it. the u.s. company has multiple trillions of dollars of into ektal property. if china can infiltrate things that make us unique as a company, coca-cola, and they can use that to make competing products. it's never been easier with the type of technology we have today to break into these organizations. think of traditional things like fire walls or anti virus. it's known to be detecting maybe 3% of what's out there. it's never been easier for us to hack into companies and turn around and make a profit out of
11:33 am
it. that's what we do on a daily basis. >> president obama is beefing up security. he invoked private sector to work with the government to prevent hacking. you look at that and say that's not going to come easy. there's time involved with that. you do this for a living. what do you think can be done right now? >> well, i think companies really need to invest in security. we deal with a lot of the fortune 100 and 1000 companies out there. it's never been easier to break into them. i can't think of a time and place where i've been stopped from breaking into an organization. i think companies really need to take security seriously and really focus on protecting the organizations and intellectual property because the government spt going to be able to do it for them. focusing on fixing high impact vulnerabilities and making sure they can protect their organizations. at the end of the day those seek res make us strong as an economy. these breaches are very, very, very common. we deal with breaches on wide scales all the time and almost
11:34 am
always originating from the chinese government. >> pretty frightening. david mckenzie, thanks for your insight. >> sure. up next, our tailly topics debate including run, hide and fight? plus hillary clinton's next career move follows in the footsteps of her husband, former president clinton. a mysterious message on facebook leads a woman to news about her missing son. details of why this woman is so furious with police. the panelists will be revealed for you next. chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save.
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i'm christi paul in today for brooke baldwin. thanks for keeping me company. for the next 20 minutes we'll tackle the hot stories so many people are talking about, starting with new advice for live ag nightmare scenario. when a shooter comes into your work or school, some law enforcement officials are pressing, if your life depends on it, fight back.
11:38 am
take a look at. this i do want to give you forewarning here, it's kind of hard to watch. >> if you're ever to find yourself in the middle of an active shooter event, your survival may depend on whether or not you have a plan. there are three things you can do that make a difference. if you can't get out safely, you need to find a place to hide. act quickly and quietly. try to secure your hiding place the best you k. turn out lights. as a last resort, if your life is at risk, whether you're alone or working together as a group, fight. act with aggression. improvise weapons, disarm him and commit to taking the shooter down. >> okay. that's an instructional video produced by the city of houston. while this may seem like a no nonsense idea, police have long
11:39 am
urged possible victims not to confront attackers. this is a 180 here. after the recent spree and mass shootings, law enforcement officials have been forced to re-evaluate the guidance on the active shooter situations. the video says you run first, you hide. but if all else fails, you fight. let's bring in today's panel, alone nah men cow ski, howard kurtz from reliable sources, david ser wrote that and lauren ashburn, editor and chief of the daily download. welcome everyone. is it surprising it's taken so long for police to urge people to confront an attacker? >> let me clarify i'm host of huffpostlive. as a last resort, an option is to fight back. i think the timing of this is something that can be
11:40 am
questioned. now you suddenly have law enforcement echoing some of the lines we've seen coming from the nra and this argument to arm teachers, train teachers and how they need to respond. you wonder if it begins to open the door for that. i think in general telling students this could be an option also could carry some dangerous repercussions. you never know whether that's something that might backfire. the way we've seen the president talk about this in the wake of the newtown shooting and the way he honored those individuals that tried to step up and put their lives in danger in order to protect the students was something of a human condition, a human element rising above. i think it's a dangerous line that law enforcement takes. >> lauren, what's your take? >> what was that video? are you kidding me? it sounded like something from "friday the 13th" or one of those awful movies about killings. that video, first of all, was designed to scary think and not to educate. as far as what you should do
11:41 am
when confronted with an attacker, look, it's fight or flight. you're in this situation. you're going to do one of those two things. you can't -- you are not going to be remembering what a video says at that moment. you also have to take into account that during the newtown shooting, hiding those children saved their lives. >> they're not saying not to hide. they're saying if you can't hide, your last resort is, rather than to stand there and beg for your life, your last resort is to fight back. you're a mom, lauren. howard, you're a father as well. what do you say to? i'm a mom and think is this what i want to teach my kids. >> forgive me. it seems to be awfully easy for law enforcement bureaucrats to suggest, sure, the guy has a shotgun or semi-automatic rifle, you're not armed, just tackle him. i kind of get the impression this is a conversation -- an important conversation to be sure, but a conversation police are having among themselves. i don't know how this message is
11:42 am
getting out. lauren is right. that video is going to turn a lot of people off because of the melodramatic music. it almost seems divorced from real life. >> david, let me ask you this. let's think back to flight 93 on 9/11. you have to be prepared to fight for your life, risk dieing, it's part of the greater good. what do you say to that? >> look, i think it's a statement of the obvious that if you don't have anyplace to hide, this is one option. i think what happened on 9/11 is an example of that. i think the meta message from law enforcement is -- at least it could be interpreted to be, we don't have a comprehensive plan. we don't have a comprehensive idea of what to do about the threat to schools. so in a desperation, we're going to say, listen, go after the shooter if you can. it kind of reminds me of the department. of homeland securitying saying when we face a terrorist threat, basically the solution is a couple of color codes and duct tape. that send a message that was not reassuring that there's a
11:43 am
comprehensive plan. >> christi, my son's school, they did a code red where they had all of the kids line up against the lockers, they locked the doors, they locked the windows. i think schools are doing the policies that have been set forth up to this time, just not the attack -- the attacker one. >> thank you so much. they're sticking around with us because we have more to talk about with this panel, particularly hillary clinton. she signed on with a talent agency, barely out of the secretary of state office. she's preparing to hit the lecture circuit. she could be making as much money as her husband. how much? wait till you hear. the global n we call the internet of everything. ♪ it's going to be amazing. and exciting. and maybe, most remarkably, not that far away. we're going to wake the world up. and watch, with eyes wide, as it gets to work.
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fresh off her stint as secretary of state, hillary clinton has finally revealed her next career move. she's hitting the speaking circuit. clinton is expected to be one of the most sought after in the highly lucrative field her husband, former president bill clinton racked up some $89 million in speaking fees since leaving office. so certainly details on her asking price for speech are a little sketchy. most expect it to be in the six-figure range, maybe $200,000 for domestics up to $750 internationally. not too bad. let's bring our panel back into this. hillary clinton hasn't told cnn she's not interested in running for office. we'll be completely candid about that. the speaking circuit will keep her in the spotlight.
11:47 am
is it a way to give her wiggle room should she want to run for president. david sirota, you first. >> i think this is one of the most visual forms of corruption in our politics. when you see former president bill clinton go out after a career in public service and make $89 million from companies that had relations with his administration, yu have to ask the question. when there is a promise of riches to corporate-compliant politicians after they leave office, the question become z what are they doing in office that are favors to those corporations. howard kurtz? >> what would be corrupt would be for hillary clinton to become a lobbyist or advise a big lobbying firm which is using her influence by selling her name, to join corporate boards or to become a cable tv commentator which is beneath her, although i'm sure cnn would be happy to put her on.
11:48 am
she doesn't get $200,000 for a speech unless people want to hear her. >> and she deserves it. >> let me make the point, if you're promised money, if there's an implied promise of making hundreds of thousand of dollars. >> you have no evidence that anybody is implying such a promise. >> we'll find out. there's absolutely an implied promise. look at her husband. an implied promise to when they get out of office, they'll make hundreds of thousands from the companies they are supposed to be overseeing while in office. >> let me ask you this, and lauren i'll bring you into this. what do you think people will want to hear? her experience as secretary of state or first lady? >> of course -- well, i think it's a broad range. i have to go back to what david and howard were arguing over. everyone has done this. ronald reagan was paid $12 million for a speech in japan. if there is a problem with this
11:49 am
and the government has a problem with this, then we should address that. at this point to say hillary shouldn't be allowed to do it because it's wrong, i think she's -- >> no one says she shouldn't be allowed. >> one more thing i need to bring into here. speaking of first ladies. hold on a second if you would, alyona. michelle obama is making news today. everybody is talking about her new bangs. she says this is actually the result of a mid life crisis. her bangs. here she is explaininging it on rachel ray. >> this is my mid life crisis, the bangs. i couldn't get a sports car. they won't let me bungee jump, instead i cut my bangs. >> you're the boss of your hair. i can do this. this is all mine. >> alyona, what do you say to that? she's clearly talking about the scrutiny she is under as first lady which hillary clinton can speak to. >> sure, of course, there's a
11:50 am
lot of scrutiny there. i personally like michelle obama's bangs. i'd like to go back to talking about hillary clinton. it's entirely typical. public service is ahn incredibly lucrative business. nobody is saying it's illegal or that she shouldn't able to do this, but this is the way it is. i think if you can point to the fact that she's going to give some speeches for free to favorable organizations, then you really have to start asking why she's goings to take money from others. if she ends up running for office again in 2016, what that will make her be accountable for. >> we'll move on to the next topic. a won woman's son -- this hits all of us. a woman's son disappears. she receives a mysterious message on facebook. up next, why this mom is so furious from police.
11:51 am
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one georgia woman is furious with police after she says she was notified of her son's death over facebook. anna lamb creasy told our affiliate wsb her son had been missing since january 25th. she called hospitals, jails, even posted on his facebook law. then lamb discovered a message from someone named misty hancock on facebook saying they were at the local police and to call th them. >> misty hancock. i'm like. >> after weeks of searching, she called the number it contained and it was the police. that's when she learned her son had died, 20 days earlier, after
11:54 am
being hit by a car while crossing the road. now, for their parth, clayton county police said they made every effort to contact the family in a more conventional way. i want to bring our panel back into this. lauren, you're a mom, what's your first reaction? >> my first reaction is bull. you can find criminals, you're the fbi, you can bring in the cia. you can find this woman. i'm sorry. they have ways of doing this. how reprehensible for the person who sent the message not to send it from an official account. they should be fired. >> howard, you agree? >> this is heart renteding, this poor woman going a month without knowing the fate of her sons. the mistake they made, contacting by facebook, not sending from official police account. on and on and on. what did the police departments do before facebook? they went out in squad cars, knocked on people's doors and
11:55 am
went and found the surviving member of a family. i really feel for this woman. what a terrible ordeal made worse by police bungling. >> this woman lost her son, find now the a very insensitive way. do you think sbod of these jobs should be on the line for it. >> i think it's a general commentary on how technology separates us from humanity and how it's easy to think a text message or facebook post or e-mail is a humane way to contact. i'm not excusing it. what i am saying is this is a micro cosmic example of how technology separates us from each other in ways that come with unintended and really awful consequences. let me ask you, lauren, what do you say to that? we talk a lot about being on social media and how you can put things out there and not be accountable for them. is this taking this to the nth
11:56 am
degree? >> i think it most definitely is. we cover social media at and we see all the time how social media becomes the vehicle that drives conversations, journalists, entertainers and we do lose that person-to-person touch, especially because the bloggers and commenters don't use their real names, like in the example of this woman. she didn't put her real picture up there, she put a rapper's picture up there. it is not just not as effective a way of communicating as we think it is. >> i have found people on twitter and on facebook, but i'm a journalist, i'm not a police officer. to send out a message under the name misty, you would think it was some kind of come-on. >> i think that's probably what was really confusing. alyona, certainly there could have been a better way to handle this. we'd like to believe police are doing everything they can through the correct channels. what is your take?
11:57 am
>> i think this is ridiculous. i missed part of the conversation that was going on there. we lost connection. i think it raises a lot of question in the ways police are conducting their business, whether is complete negligence or incompetence. you and i as normal average citizens, we're not allowed to set up a fake facebook profile yet authorities are allowed to do this to conduct their investigations. here what they've gone and done is reach a woman without telling what their true intentions are. it postponed her finding out the truth about what happened to her son. i think it's an embarrassing issue that had detrimental effects for this woman's life. it really raises a lot of questions as to how law enforcement is starting to use this technology, whether they know what they're doing with it. >> howard, what kind of training do we know they have for law enforcement when it comes to social media? >> my 8-year-old could use facebook better than the training these police apparently
11:58 am
have. social media can be an incredibly effective tool. it's not appropriate in this kind of situation where somebody is essentially trying to give the word of a death to the next of kin. how much common sense does it take to send it from an official police account if you want to get a response and not with the picture of a rapper. >> howie, i have to interrupt you. >> last word, lauren. >> as i usually development i have to say there are positives to facebook and finding people in criminal investigations and putting out hotlines. for us to dump on police use of social media as a whole is also shortsighted. >> not as a whole. we're saying they need to do it well. >> alyona min cow ski, howard kurtz, david sir wrote that, thanks so much. just ahead, new information about adam lanza's possible motive. hear how lanza's obsession could
11:59 am
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it is the top of the hour. i'm christi paul in for brooke baldwin. thanks for sharing your time. if it sound like the same old mumbo jumbo, it certainly is. there is a serious catch to this month's crisis in washington. for starters we're looking at a possible loss of 750,000
12:02 pm
american jobby the end of the year if congress doesn't act in the next ten days to undo automatic spending cuts that begin march 1st. congress devised the cuts back in 2011 as a threat, more or less, a way to force itself to agree to a smarter way to reduce the federal deficit. now ten days left, still no agreement. as i mentioned, job losses are just the start of it here. we're also talking about vital government services, potentially gone. listen, if you would to the president here. he was clearly concerned as he spoke late this morning. >> fbi agents will be furloughed. federal prosecutors will have to close cases and let criminals go. air traffic controllers and airport security will see cutbacks which means more delays at airports across the country. thousands of teachers and educators will be laid off. tens of thousands of parents will have to skram to be find
12:03 pm
child care for their kids. >> the president says to prevent the cuts, congress will have to raise taxes on the wealthy. republicans don't want that. they say they're finished raising taxes on the well-to-do. in terms of the economic pain, the pew research center has a few more mug gets for us. defense related jobs could vanish by the tens of thousands due to severe cuts to the pentagon. you see just four states there including georgia and virginia which could lose more than 100,000 jobs each over the next ten years. cuts in grants to the states could lead to big reductions in food aid to the poor, low income energy assistance, child care and development and other social services as well. and really this is only the start. again, ten days left at this point. now, we want to bring you some of the hottest stories of the day in a flash. we're keeping an eye on the jodi areas trial.
12:04 pm
she admits to the gruesome killing of travis alexander. late this morning her attorney began to lead arias through the weeks before the brutal killing. arias read an angry text from travis about a drawing that he had done which she left behind. >> imagine if i did that to you with something you gave me. give me a pardon from any madness. i don't need it. it's wearing me out and if it continues, just like i have to give you motivation to tell me the truth, i'll give you motivation to quit screwing with me. >> arias has given multiple versions of the killings. she first claimed she wasn't there. now she says she stabbed alexander more than 20 times and shot him twice in self-defense. who gets the million dollar reward from the reward for search for killer ex-cop christopher dorner? it's complicated the l.a. police chief said today.
12:05 pm
>> in the posting of over $1 million. >> ma we put together a collaboration led by my chief of detectives chris al banese to review the investigation as it comes from the sheriffs and riverside pd and make recommendations on who the reward should be given to. >> dorner is the former los angeles policeman who fatally shot four people, injured three others, went on the run for days and ultimately shot himself in the head. his manifesto said he felt wronged after lapd fired him back in 2008. the department is re-examining the circumstances around dorner's termination as well. a texas couple has agreed to not pressure their 16-year-old daughter into having an abortion. this is according to the texas center for defense of life. the group's attorneys helped the daughter sue her parents in harris county, texas.
12:06 pm
she's now ten weeks along. her boyfriend talked to piers morgan last night saying he was surprised at her parents' alleged tactics. >> i knew it wasn't going to be easy at all. i really didn't imagine this all happening. i knew some of her parents and her family would have definitely a negative reaction. but i never intended on this happening. we're always determined to have the baby. >> the parents filed court papers saying all the allegations against them are false. cnn isn't naming them by the way in order to keep their daughter's identity private. seven members of congress led by senator patrick leahy of vermont are in cuba trying to get allan gross freed, jailed for bringing banned satellite equipment into cuba as part of a state department program into democracy. cuba long accused gross of being
12:07 pm
a spy. general john allen, the former head of coalition troops is retiring. the president accepted his resignation today. allen says he needs to step down to address a family health issue. he was in line to become the nato supreme commander. just last month he cleared general allen with an e-mail scandal with the woman involved in the david petraeus affair. he's the longest serving leader of nato troops in afghanistan. we've all done this a bunch of times. customers at one used car dealership in sacramento have to pay for some of those drives. the owner says gas prices are so high, he has to let people come in and test or inspect cars for free. >> going out for numerous test drives. >> we would have customers come in every day, every other day. we want them to give us the same amount of gas that they left with. when you have 70, 0 different
12:08 pm
cars, it gets real expensive. >> no free for you, he said. the dealer says one fill-up can cost 45 bucks. the one question almost everyone had after the deadly u.s. school shooting in december was why. authorities have been mostly tight-lipped about their investigation. we're now hearing from a source with knowledge. we're told adam lanza may have had a deadly obsession. susan candiotti joins me from new york. what are we learning about his obsession with other mass murderers and his behavior just prior to his own mass shooting. >> reporter: connecticut state police say we're dealing with a shooter who is dead and now we're trying to rebuild history. they're rebuilding history and trying to answer why did he do it? investigators have found evidence that sandy hook elementary school shooter adam lanza, quote, was obsessed with other mass murderers, according to a source with knowledge of the investigation. cbs news first reported that
12:09 pm
adam lanza may have been trying to outdo another mass murderer, anders breivek in norway, he killed 77 people in 2011. the hartford courant says stories were discovered in lanza's bedroom. they shared this theory about a possible motive. lanza shot his mother, you'll remember, last december, then went to sandy hook elementary and systematically killed 20 children and six teachers before taking his own life when police arrived. lanza reportedly chose the school because of the large number of potential targets in a closed-in setting. a spokesman for the connecticut state police called the cbs report speculative because no single motive has yet been confirmed. however, the spokesman says nothing, including norway, has been ruled out.
12:10 pm
the final report on all of this is expected in the next few months. >> susan candiotti, thank you so much. we appreciate it. i don't know if you heard. at least three people have been killed and a gunman dead in a chaotic shooting spree that spanned an entire county in southern california. we're learning it ended when the gunman turned the gun on himself, but not before a series of deadly carjackings including a cold blooded curbside execution. >> the suspect was driving a vehicle that he had taken in the tustan incident. reports are that he got out of the vehicle, confronted our victim who was in his bmw. i don't have any further on his vehicle. he orders him out of the vehicle, walks him to the side of the curb and executes our victim. he then gets in the victim's vehicle and drives to the micro center where that incident occurred. >> they identified the vehicle
12:11 pm
and when they stopped it, the suspect got out and shot himself. >> cnn's nick valencia is covering this story today. i know it happened a little while ago. >> little is known still about the suspect. that press conference happened about 1:00 p.m. eastern. they say the suspect was in his 20s. i want to take the viewers through the timeline. the first incident happened about 5:00 local at a home in orange county where a woman was reported shot dead. the suspect left the scene, goes on to car jack an individual who he shoots. that person is expected to survive. this is where it takes a very dark and bizarre turn, christi. a second person was carjacked. we heard that sound bite there where he was executed on the curb in broad daylight. the suspect then flees that scene and goes on the freeway and that's when police start to get reports that there's shots fired on a flee way. at least three people were hit on the freeway. the suspect goes to an electronics star where he
12:12 pm
attempts a third carjacking, shoots two people there, he then is stopped by police where he dies from a single gunshot wound. it seems we're just dealing with something like this in the area. no threat to the public, the suspect is now dead along with three others and three more people are expected to survive from their gun-related injuries. >> good heavens. obviously early in the investigation so we'll get more. nick, thank you so much. we appreciate it. moving on here, the dow jones industrial average could crack a new milestone, nearing the all-time high of 14,164. cnn's alison kosik is there to bring us up to speed on today's numbers. what's driving the bulls here, alison? >> first let's talk about the bulls for a moment. the bulls are the dow really. hit a five-year high earlier today. it's not there right now. also, you've got to remember we're about 100 points away from the all-time high, 14,164. that's the number investors are looking out for. if you're thinking, hey, i heard
12:13 pm
five-year high recently, you're right. the last five-year high was just last tuesday. there are several things behind the gains we're seeing. there's optimism that can congress can cut even a temporary deal to keep the forced spending cuts from happening. you've still got the federal reserve putting its hand in the buckets keeping interest rates low. that means stocks get a better return on your investment compared to bonds. the housing market data is coming out tomorrow. all the mergers we've been talking about with the airlines, with media, with catch-up. today maybe office supplies, all that activity is a good sign that companies are doing something with all that cash they've been keeping on the sidelines and that they're willing to take new risks. it's also another sign of a recovery. but, if those four spending cuts that go ahead and do take effect on march 1st, that really is the wildcard because if that happens, you can certainly say bye-bye to this rally.
12:14 pm
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a georgia man's life is on the line for how intellectually disabled he is. in just a few hours, warren lee hill is scheduled to be executed. the stated supreme court just this afternoon denied a stay. his lawyers say he's mentally disabled and they want his excuse stopped saying it would violate a 2002 u.s. supreme court ruling. his lawyers point he served in the military, held a job and state courts have ruled against stopping hill eats execution. hill is on death row for killing a fellow inmate while serving a life sentence for murdering an ex-girlfriend. criminal defense attorney drew find ling is on the case with us right now. here is the thing drew.
12:18 pm
we just said it. the u.s. supreme court says you can't execute somebody is mentally disabled. how did he get on death row? >> he got on death row because of the antiquity of his case. the problem he has now is in 49 states all that his attorneys would have to prove the by a preponderance of the evidence, that it's more likely than not he's mentally retarded. let me say i hate saying mentally retarded instead of intellectually disabled. the problem is georgia is the only state in the united states that requires his attorneys to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he's not mentally retarded. the problem that his lawyers are having is there's nothing else they can do. the three psychiatrists who testified for the state of georgia previously that he was mentally retarded have signed affidavits all saying during these 12 years because of the advancements in science and the change of their philosophy as to
12:19 pm
this issue, they all believe that at the time of the alleged crime he was mentally retarded. >> wow. okay. i know his lawyer, brian cammer says he has so much support. jimmy carter and his wife, hill's special ed directors for the school he attended and even the victim's family i understand do not want him to die. is there anything else that can happen to halt this execution? >> they've gone to the georgia supreme court. i understand the georgia supreme court just rejected him. they'll make a last minute writ officers ocertiorari. this one state is the only one with this incredibly harsh standard. we need you to rethink it and set aside the death penalty. >> is georgia's threshold for this that much higher? >> not only so much higher, it's
12:20 pm
actually being ridiculed in european countries right now. >> listen, let's get to california, head west and talk about this other scenario. police in the san diego area have arrested this man, 37-year-old sean banks for allegedly raping a woman. here is the thing. they say he met her through the dating website that makes you wonder how liable is that website when it comes to hooking these two people up? >> i don't think it's as much an issue of liability as it is sending the warning sirens out to the people out there. when you look at christian mingle's security issues that they put on their website, you learned two things. one, christian mingle is part of a big con glom rate corporation that owns over 20 websites. in fact, they own websites for jewish dating, african-american dating, hispanic dating. the only cringe christian mingle is looking for is the jingle of
12:21 pm
coin. that puts people on the notice that this isn't a hands-on dating site. the other thing they talk about in their website is security as it relates to the internet. protecting your identity from idea fraud and things like that. no reference on there as to physical security. >> okay. is that how the website protects itself? i think they would hold some liability in some regard. how do these websites protect themselves from lawsuits if something like this were to happen? >> they tell people to not date somebody that doesn't take no for an answer. they given couragement like that. they have disclaimers all over the place. they're not hands-on. they're not physically meeting with you. they're giving you the opportunity through the internet to meet people. i think it's going to be very difficult to sue them. i think the best thing people can get out of this is the warning that you have to be really careful in this world of meeting people you tryly don't
12:22 pm
know. >> police believe there could be others out there, right? >> absolute. >> specifically linked to this guy. >> there can be others out there. the one thing that those of us who do this for a living, whether it's defense attorneys, law enforcement or prosecutors, there are probably so many of these cases that are not report. as you and i both know, so many women are so intimidated in reporting cases of sexual assault because of sometimes the way the system treats them, who knows how many cases are out there that we don't know about. >> true findling, thank you for being with us. we appreciate that. up next, live in brussels, belgium. the story of an incredible airport heist. stay close. chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance.
12:23 pm
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heavily armed thieves busted into the airport in brussels and took off with $50 million in diamonds. the whole heist only took a little more than three minutes. senior international correspondent dan rivers is in belgium. they got in and out of this, dan, without firing a shot or hurting anyone. how did they do it? >> reporter: it's just like something out of "oceans 11" isn't it, or in this case the
12:26 pm
brussels eight. this were eight masked gunmen who cut a hole in the perimeter fence, drove in in two cars. they obviously knew exactly where they were going. they went right up to this swiss operated airliner that was just about to depart, held up the baggage handlers there, made off with sacks full of diamonds, as you say, $50 million worth, and were back out. the whole thing took three minutes and the play and they were only inside the perimeter for 11 minutes and have disappeared. the authorities have no idea who they are, where they are, where they've gone or if they will ever get those diamonds back. >> dan rivers live for us there. through so much. let's talk about the death of a young boy in texas. it's sending shock waves on the other side of the globe. we'll tell you why a russian governor is slamming the u.s. over the death of a 3-year-old child and what it could mean for people looking to adopt russian children. that story is next. rfest.
12:27 pm
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12:30 pm
let me share with you pictures that we're getting of california getting smacked by heavy wind, rain and snow today. this actually just in from the sacramento area. here is mike desal with more from our affiliate, kcra. >> reporter: since about mid morning, it started to snow here. talk about different from 24 hours ago, let's swing it around. this big rig driver, he stopped here overnight, was asleep in his cab, he woke up to this. now he's got to try to hit the rode with snow on it. take a look at some of the concern we've seen out there. this is a pickup truck flipped over on i- 80 uphill. chain controls are in effect. as you heard, chp, caltrans, they are holding traffic. right now i-80 westbound in some spots with these spinouts and accidents again. the snow level, we have seen
12:31 pm
that, right around 3,000 feet elevation accumulating on the cars, mott much on the ground. back here live, certainly not the same picture 24 hours ago when walking your dog meant walking in the sunshine, the warm and the dry pavement. this woman right now, she's out walking her dog in the snow. that is just how different the picture is up here in the sierra right now. what seemed like spring time over the weekend, now we're right back to winter. look how much snow we're already talking about. there's the pavement. there is the snow. starting to accumulate up here. >> you know who remembers those days? chad myers. he's been out in the middle of all that. >> oklahoma, buffalo. >> i'm from ohio. i got you. i understand. >> that's up in the sierras, that 5,280, nayak, the mile-high city, between sacramento and reno, up i-80, a pretty big
12:32 pm
hill. he was talking about snow levels down to 3,000 feet. that means for many miles these drivers are fooling this snow. obviously when you leave sacramento and start going up the hill, you're going to get snow. you'll see the signs that say all commercial vehicles, chain them up because you're not going any further without chains on. it's going to continue to snow all night long. there will be spots in the cierra with 20 inches of snow. let's hope people are skiing. >> you know the skiers are celebrating just like the dogs are there. they always are. chad, thank you so much. >> you're welcome. a russian boy adopted by a texas family is dead. his adoptive parents have not been arrested, but a russian diplomat blames them saying they abused 3-year-old max. this is max here scene in a photo from his obituary. the human rights representative from the russian foreign ministry described the abuse he says max suffered. >> translator: upon examination of the body of the young boy,
12:33 pm
multiple injuries to his legs and his head were noted. and during the autopsy serious injuries were noted to his abdomen and his internal organs, typical of injuries that are produced by strong blows. >> cnn's david mattingly is covering this story. a lot of people watch this and think why haven't the parents been charged? what do we know about the investigation? >> quite simply, the investigation hasn't gone that far yet. they're looking for results from the autopsy which could be weeks, maybe among away this the state of texas. until they get that back, authorities aren't going to pursue charges. everybody here and in russia are waiting to see how this comes out. >> what do we know about the parents? >> we know they went through a private adoption agency. this wasn't a state-sanctioned adoption. they got the 3-year-old as well as his younger brother, and the younger brother is still in the house. we've reached out to the parents for comment, and they had
12:34 pm
nothing to say, just a recording on their phone that says no comment. right now the next step is going to be the autopsy to see what sort of injuries this child may have had and what may have caused them. >> were there any reports from anybody outside his family that there had been some abuse or suspect of it? >> only thing authorities in texas are saying is that this was suspicious because the child did not die of natural causes. the child -- there was no known cause actually for his death, and a 3-year-old, at that age, they're going to have to examine him. it's part of texas law where they automatically look into cases like this. so we're waiting to see now while the russian authorities are making their own decisions, their own conclusions about this case saying this is a case of abuse. here in the united states we don't have authorities ready to
12:35 pm
say that. >> david, thank you so much, for walking through us what we know today on this. we appreciate it. a new job for sarah palin? the former vice presidential candidate is stepping back into the spotlight. we'll tell you where you can see her coming up. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply.
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from the cnn money newsroom in new york, i'll ali velshi. when people ask me things more than three times a day, i figure out i might want to talk about it. everybody is asking me about google, should you buy? they make this browser, make the android operating system which is on this phone. 500 million active devices worldwide. they dominate the smart phone market. google also sells custom versions of its product like gmail, google docs, and it has a social network, google plus. it has less than a quarter number of users than facebook has, but it's growing.
12:39 pm
they also make money from my version of the harlem shake for instance. ♪ >> trying to give that a little more air time. like apple, google has talent for figuring out what the next big thing is before we mere mortals know about it. the real money maker are the ads you see on google. that's where they get their money, $10.7 billion in profit in 2012 on $50 billion in sales. that's pretty good. it gets 87% of the total revenue in advertising in many forms. here is what you need to look at. google crossed the $800 a share price for the first time in history, about $806 right now n. the last year, google has increased, had a little setback, but increased about 33%. apple, by the way, which i thought i'd throw in as well.
12:40 pm
that's the blue line, is down about 9%. what got google to $800 today? rumors about google opening up stores which would be a direct challenge to am. i don't know what these stores would sell, google phones, the nexus tablet, i don't know, books about chrome, maybe other gadgets and gismos. it's just a rumor. one google executive told the website all things d, back in december, that there were no plans for a retail store. even without the retail store, analysts see a lot of rum for growth in the stock. still that means on its other products, gmail, chrome, google maps, youtube and, of course, the search you keep saying. katy stockton is the managing director of mkm partners. she looked at the stock to see how it's performing. we talked about apple in the past, underperforming right now. google is doing particularly well. for all the people that ask me, should you be using google
12:41 pm
stock, what do you have to say? >> i think you should buy it. it has performed fairly significantly as you discussed. this is a breakout on the chart. google above 800 also means it's at a new all-time high above previous highs above 2007 and last year. that breakout does support positive follow through. the stock has positive momentum. you want to stay on the same side of that momentum. >> the stock went down after hitting a high of about $775 sometime in october, went down and now back up to about $806. you're thinking if it were to go back to that level it was in in october, $775 or below, that's not a good sign. >> that wouldn't be on a good sign. that level should become support for this stock going forward. i would be a buyer of google anywhere above that $775. i don't want to see it dip below that. if you can look into the rally of the previous high back in october, you could derive a
12:42 pm
price target based on that rally of about $855 for google from a technical standpoint. it looks higher from a short and long-term perspective. i do think we'll see the broader market undergo a correction but a little later in the march to april time horizon you might also see google pull back. so some investors may prefer to wait for that correction in the broader market. >> just to be clear, the broader market, the s&p 500 will pull back in march and april, google maf follow it that way. you think there's an $855 target from the $806 it's at right now. katie stockton of mkm partners. that's the answer, the best answer i can give you right now about whether or not you should be buying google stock. that's it for me. i'll be back same time tomorrow. i'm ali velshi from the cnn money newsroom in new york. o prs with services... like helping hr departments manage benefits and pensions for over 11 million employees.
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[ male announcer ] some day, your life will flash before your eyes. ♪ make it worth watching. ♪ the new 2013 lexus ls. an entirely new pursuit. an actress may be running for senate and sarah palin is back in the spotlight. let's check with our political editor paul steinhauser in washington. >> i know we're hearing actress ashley judd may be throwing her hat into the ring for senate. mitch mcconnell is wasting no time going after her in a new campaign ad. have you seen it? >> i have seen it. remember, he is the top republican in the u.s. senate up for re-election next year. he seems to be going after ashley judd. he came out with an ad running online in kentucky. it goes after judd for maybe not living in kentucky nowadays.
12:46 pm
take a listen. >> tennessee is home. >> to me san francisco is my american city home. >> i can never anticipate what is going to push me over the edge. >> three little snippets from that web video from the mcconnell campaign. remember she comes from a family with a long history from kentucky, lived there, grew up there, went to university of kentucky. she now lives in tennessee. she was back in kentucky on thursday night meeting with democratic donors. she hasnd said whether she'll run or not. here is what a top kentucky democrat says. >> she is talking to the people she would need to have support her. she needs time to do that. but i think she's very, very excited about the possibility of making that race and she is getting widespread support from the people she meets. >> if she does eventually decide to run, christie, this is going to be one exciting race to keep your eyes on nationwide. >> no kidding.
12:47 pm
talk to us about sarah palin's new gig. what do you know? >> we haven't seen a lot of sarah palin, the former republican vice presidential nominee later. we will next month. we learned she'll be speaking at cpac, the largest annual gathering of conservatives from across the country. she was a big speaker there last year, back again this year in march, right here in d.c. still be loved by a lot of people on the right. >> paul, thank you so much. good to see you today. >> thanks. let's talk about prince michael jackson. michael johnson's 16-year-old son. he says he can't sing, he can't dance like his dad, but he's determined to make his own fortune. is he taking a part-time job like most teenagers? not quite. we'll tell you what prince michael's new gig is next.
12:48 pm
12:49 pm
12:50 pm
first lady michelle obama says she's the boss of her bangs. she showed a little sense of humor to cooking host rachel ray. >> this is my mid life crisis, the bangs. i couldn't get a sports car. they won't let me bungee jump. so instead i cut my bangs. >> you went for the bangs. you're the boss of your hair. >> i can do this. this is all mine. >> mrs. obama got the new hair style last month when she turned 4. she got a seal of approval from the president who says she looks good. she saulz looks good. want to get your hands on
12:51 pm
some props and costumes from an oscar nominated film? if you are a fan of the movie "silver linings playbook" hit up bradley cooper's running gear is there, the copy of "farewell to arms" that he throws out the window are up for grabs. it includes "beautiful creatures," "scream 4." former smith's front man has gotten the arena to make all the restaurants go vegetarian for his march 1st show. this is the first time the staples center said yes. get this. paul mccartney tried before and they turned him down. the concert promoter is also tu. he probably doesn't need the work, but michael jackson's 16-year-old son, prince michael, has a part-time job.
12:52 pm
talk about one heck of a part-time job, he's reporting for "entertainment tonight." there's brooke anderson. the teen was given coaching tips from her and then went to work. the first assignment was the remake of "the wizard of oz." they have made some public appearances as they say to honor their father. it's the first sighting of the british royal baby bump. she made her first official visit since announcing her pregnancy. she's patron of a choir tea. we hear the crowd there shooting and hollering. she told reporters it would be, quote, unnatural, if she did not feel nervous about having a baby alec baldwin and a reporter are trading claims about attacking
12:53 pm
claims. the post is reporting that baldwin grabbed the paper's reporters and said, quote, i want to choke you to death. baldwin says the accusations are false. deborah feyerick is on the case in new york. what have you learned? >> we know that the nypd hate crime division is investigating this. it says, alec's race rant and that baldwin used racist slurs. this happened outside of baldwin's home. "the post" foeting to gra officer and reporter were trying to get a statement on his wife, a yoga instructor. he became aggressive and grabbed the reporter by the arm and started into a tirade calling him a crack dealer. he used racial slurs.
12:54 pm
the photographer showed him a retired cop i.d. and baldwin called it a fake and said ralston claims he's an ex-nypd. that can't can be. ex-nypd don't become crackhead paparazzi. baldwin says it's completely false and describes the alleged racial slur as one of the most outrageous things i've heard in my life. on a radio program earlier today, the 30 rock cast tracy morgan says if it's true baldwin needs to apologize. we reached out to a spokesman and said that baldwin and photographer both filed harassment charges against one another. there were no injuries or witnesses. not sure where this will go from here. it's not the first time baldwin has lashed out, even launching a tirade against a "post" columnist who always seem to be baiting the actor. they were waiting for a comment
12:55 pm
and it just turned ugly. christi? >> keep us informed. i know we're going to talk about this some more. up next, a couple traveling through tennessee pulled over by the cops, all because of this on their car. we're going to tell you what happened. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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want to let you know, communication is completely restored between nasa's ground control and the international space station now. this morning, all communications were lost during a software
12:58 pm
upgrade. nasa spokesman talked about the mood in the ground control during the outage. >> you know, it's not a panic mood that takes over mission control. anybody who has seen that, the crews has procedures. they just talk to each other when they get there and make sure that the crew is aware of what to do and then the work is to get it back up and running. >> six crew members are on board the iss, including two americans. everyone on board is safe and doing well, i'm happy to tell you. you could soon be hearing some previously unreleased songs by 2 pac. his mother is managing the estates. she has work to be released to everyone. well, a couple's school pride got them pulled over by the cops. this white sticker on a car is
12:59 pm
an ohioan state buckeye. but they were driving to a funeral, got stopped, and the officers thought it was a pot leaf and she had to remove it. >> then he said, you into you need to take that off. what, in tennessee? he said, no, forever. >> they did not get a ticket, by the way. they pretty much laughed it off. cnn's alison kosik at the stock exchange. i know we're minutes away from the "closing bell." where do we stand? >> okay. it looks like the dow is going to close at its highest level in five years. it seems like the dow is reaching these mile stones of the highest level in years because it's reaching 14,164. close but no cigar today. the dow probably ended about 136 points away from that but we are seeing this momentum build with


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